here’s why people believe in conspiracy theories

Oaklander, Mandy. “Here’s Why People Believe In Conspiracy Theories.” Time. N.p., 14 Aug. 2015. Web. 12 Apr. 2016. < conspiracy-theories/>. Mandy Oaklander currently works for Time magazine. In the past, she has worked for Prevention magazine and, Rodale, Houston Press, and as a freelance writer. She graduated from Northwestern University. Conspiracy theories often crop … More here’s why people believe in conspiracy theories

is there an “alien ufo landing base” in the egyptian desert?

Didymus, Johnthomas. “Is There an ‘Alien UFO Landing Base’ In the Egyptian Desert?” Inquisitr. N.p., 7 Apr. 2016. Web. 12 Apr. 2016. < is-there-an-alien-ufo-landing-base-in-the-egyptian-desert-futuristic-sci-fi-struc tures-on-google-earth-spark-conspiracy-theory-speculation-video/>. JohnThomas Didymus is a freelance writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is especially interest ed in politics, economy, business, marketing, science and technology. He also covers popular culture and viral videos, and holds a degree … More is there an “alien ufo landing base” in the egyptian desert?

area 51: aliens and government coverup

Lewis, Philip. “Area 51: Aliens and Government Coverup Conspiracy Theories.” Mic. N.p., 6 Apr. 2016. Web. 12 Apr. 2016. < articles/139973/ area-51-aliens-and-government-coverup-conspiracy-theories#.vughRnz9u>. Philip Lewis is a staff writer for Mic, and was previously an editor for The Huffington Post. He graduated from Michigan State University. He is interested in the 2016 presidential election, as well as … More area 51: aliens and government coverup

conspiracy craze

Oksman, Olga. “Conspiracy craze: why 12 million Americans believe alien lizards rule us.” The Guardian. N.p., 7 Apr. 2016. Web. 12 Apr. 2016. < conspiracy-theory-paranoia-aliens-illuminati-beyonce-vaccines-cliven-bundy-jfk>. Olga Oksman is a freelance reporter based in New York. She has written for The Guardian, Gizmond, Forbes, and McSweeny’s Internet Tendency. She is experienced with financial journalism, health, science, … More conspiracy craze

six frontiers for alien life

“Six Frontiers for Alien Life.” NBCNews. NBC News, n.d. Web. 11 Apr. 2016. <;. This was an article written by NBC News, but there was no a author attached to the article. NBC News is a network of news channels that provide international, national, and regional stories. It is probable that there is life somewhere else … More six frontiers for alien life

famous ufo sightings

“Famous UFO Sightings.” HISTORY. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Apr. 2016. < famous-ufo-sightings>. There was no author for this source, though I did find it on, which is a website for the channel HISTORY. This channel films historical, though not always scientifically backed, programs that “challenges perceptions of the past, telling stories of well known adventures and … More famous ufo sightings

the search for extraterrestrials

Triplett, William. “The Search for Extraterrestrials.” CQ Researcher 5 Mar. 2004: 199-219. CQ Researcher. Web. 8 Apr. 2016. <;. William Triplett became a staff member for CQ Research after covering science and the arts for such publications as Smithsonian, Air & Space, Nature, Washingtonian and The Washington Post. He also served as associate editor of Capitol Style magazine.He holds a B.A. in journalism from Ohio University and an M.A. … More the search for extraterrestrials