is there an “alien ufo landing base” in the egyptian desert?

Didymus, Johnthomas. “Is There an ‘Alien UFO Landing Base’ In the Egyptian
Desert?” Inquisitr. N.p., 7 Apr. 2016. Web. 12 Apr. 2016.

JohnThomas Didymus is a freelance writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is especially interest ed in politics, economy, business, marketing, science and technology. He also covers popular culture and viral videos, and holds a degree in Animal Science and an MBA (Finance and Accounting) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Google Earth recently captured pictures of mysterious structures in the Egyptian desert, which has sparked a frenzy of conspiracy theory speculation. The complex was visible on Google Earth in desert terrain about 50 kilometers east of Cairo. It looked like several elongated structures with pointed ends surrounded by circles. Videos of the structure on YouTube have baffled UFO investigators, and the purpose and function of these structures is not yet clear. The structures were first discovered by Matteo Ianneo, who thought they were built by ancient civilizations, but later changed his mind because the structures did not appear on Google Earth in 2009 photos. He claimed that much of the complex was underground and that there were four entrances to the facility, including a hall. There was speculation that the Egyptian government was working with an alien race, or that it was hosting the base on behalf of Western allies, such as the U.S. Skeptics question whether the structures were possibly simply sand mines, or maybe an art piece, not unlike “Desert Breath”, a work of art that was also mistakenly thought to have alien origins.

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APRIL 7, 2016

Mysterious structures discovered recently on Google Earth in the Egyptian desert have sparked yet another frenzy of unrestrained alien and UFO conspiracy theory speculation in UFO forums, as UFO hunters thrilled at the opportunity of a new mystery to solve propose theories ranging from reasonable to cranky.

The mysterious complex of structures visible on Google Earth was spotted recently in desert terrain about 50 kilometers to the east of Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, at coordinates 30° 1’14.40″N 31°43’17.49″E. The complex includes elongated structures with pointed ends surrounded by mysterious circles.

Images of the weird-looking desert structures uploaded to YouTube have gone viral as baffled UFO investigators pore over them in search of clues that could betray their purpose and function in the desert. Due to the evocatively futuristic sci-fi design, some UFO fanatics have proposed that the structures could be an alien UFO base standing in plain sight in the Egyptian desert less than 50 miles outside Cairo.

The mysterious facility was first discovered in 2015 by Italian researcher Matteo Ianneo. The Italian researcher first thought they were ancient structures built millions of years ago by prehistoric civilizations. But he later changed his mind when he realized the structures had not been visible on Google Earth in 2009.

He then suggested that the structures could be an alien base or a top-secret military base. He claimed that his observations indicated that much of complex was underground because the builders did not want the important sections viewed from space by satellites. He also claimed to have noticed four entrances to the facility, including a hall.

But the unsolved mystery of the complex came to the attention of other YouTube UFO hunters only recently after Secureteam10 and FindingUFO highlighted the discoveries.

After scrutinizing the mysterious structures on Google Earth, UFO hunters suggested the Egyptian government may have been hiding an alien UFO base in plain sight for years.

A UFO hunter observing the “futuristic design” of the structures on Google Earth remarked, “This reminds me of star wars.”

Google Earth reveals mysterious ‘alien’ structure in Egypt

— Mike Lindsay (@gooddayout) April 7, 2016
#Mysterious #structure in the #desert in #Egypt #Archaeology #Egyptology #Geology #WTF

— mike hagan (@mikehagan) April 7, 2016
Another suggested fancifully that the complex of structures could be a landing platform for alien space ships or structures marking the entrances to a top-secret underground alien UFO base.

Many wondered whether the Egyptian government had just signed a bilateral treaty with an alien race or whether it was merely hosting the base on behalf of Western allies, such as the U.S., believed in UFO conspiracy theory circles to have concluded secret treaties with alien races, including the Greys and Reptilians.

I liked a @YouTube video Shocking !!!Mysterious structure in the desert in Egypt Part. II° MATTEO IANNEO

— Ionel Ciobanu (@LeaderIonel) October 29, 2015
Mysterious Structure & Possible Underground Base in Desert (Cairo) Egypt (Google Earth)

— FindingUFO (@FindingUFO) April 5, 2016
But skeptics have dismissed suggestions that the complex is a base for aliens or extraterrestrials on Earth. Noting the proximity of the alleged “alien base” to a busy highway, a skeptic argued it could not be a “secret base.” Some argued it could be a missile launch site. Others said it could be a nuclear bunker.

But a few suggested it could be a sand mine.

“It’s too close to main street. I don’t know what is it, but I don’t think it’s a secret base.”

“Keep moving… nothing to see here…. these aren’t the androids we’re looking for…”
The skeptic who suggested it was a sand mine commented, “These are island mines. The ramps are for dozers to drive up so they can tip sand into trucks waiting in the bays visible there.”

“[The sand is] used in the construction of the highway [which] requires large amounts of sand and gravel,” the skeptic continued. “Mining it on site near the road when you are literally in a desert is the most cost effective way of doing so.”

The eventual explanation of UFO enthusiasts’ ubiquitous “alien UFO bases” is usually about as mundane as the explanation that the skeptic gives. But occasionally the other-worldly theories proposed by conspiracy theorists give way to an unexpectedly fanciful but down-to-earth explanation.

An alien base in the desert, according to conspiracy theorists
Is there an alien UFO landing base in the Egyptian desert? [Image via Shutterstock]
For instance, in 2015, UFO hunters puzzled and engaged in wild speculation after spotting mysterious interlocking spiral structures (see images below) at a remote location in the Egyptian desert close the shores of the Red Sea. Several suggested it could be a landing strip for extraterrestrial spacecraft. Others thought it looked like a portal to a parallel universe. But media investigations revealed it was constructed by creative artists Danae Stratou and Stella Constantinides, according to the Daily Mail.

???? art-tension: Land Art in Egypt: The Beautiful Geometry of Desert Breath Robert Smithson’s Spiral…

— ASYLUM ART-2 (@_ARTENSION_) April 4, 2016
“Desert Breath” – located near Hurghada, Egypt – is a double-spiral art piece. Read more at

— Daily Overview (@DOverview) August 8, 2015
The artists created and built the one-million-square-foot work of art, titled “Desert Breath,” to celebrate “the desert as a state of mind, a landscape of the mind.”



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